4.2.2016 klo 4.36
Recommendation for both the skate and classic races
29.1.2016 klo 23.53
Recommendation for the 15km Skate race.
28.1.2016 klo 9.21
Legendary Ski Classics competition in Italy. 70Km
27.1.2016 klo 15.42
Torstai 28.1.2016 -harjoitukset Perjantai 29.1.2016 -Sprintit, Lauantai 30.1.2016 -N 10km, vapaa -M 15km, vapaa Sunnuntai 31.1.2016 -Viestit
27.1.2016 klo 13.29
25.1.2016 klo 10.25
Nove Mesto, Czech Republic 22-24.1.2016 Saturday: W 10kmF M 15km F Sunday: relay
22.1.2016 klo 4.11
Due to limited internet connection while in the Cable area, I will be adding a recommendation for both days now, and will try and update if given the opportunity.
22.1.2016 klo 2.34
Recommendation for the first marathon race in the Twin Cities this season.
15.1.2016 klo 18.16
Recommendation for the cold classic race this weekend in Wisconsin.
14.1.2016 klo 13.16
13.1.2016 klo 12.55
9.1.2016 klo 1.59
Recommendation for the Pre-Loppet
9.1.2016 klo 1.45
Recommendation for US Naitonals Classic Sprint
8.1.2016 klo 17.50
Wax recommendation for the Mesabi East Invite in Giants Ridge Minnesota
6.1.2016 klo 13.14
4.1.2016 klo 0.00
Detailed description of what was running for today, and a recommendation for tomorrows race.
2.1.2016 klo 20.58
Tested some paraffins and powders. Also adding a recommendation for kick in tomorrows classic race.
11.12.2015 klo 8.50
9.12.2015 klo 11.46
Waxing tips for RS Line grip wax TK-1814
13.11.2015 klo 15.14
Waxing of the day in Olos at sprints